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Geostart (UK) Ltd: A Subsurface Geoscience Consultancy service to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation  


Welcome to Geostart, a geoscience consultancy company offering onsite subsurface services to the upstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry.  We offer expertise in; Petrophysics, Operations Geology, Pore Pressure Evaluation and Wellsite Geology. As part of a well established global network of independent consultants we can also specialist support in other subsurface disciplines. Some members of our network also offer specialist software products in Pore Pressure evaluation and Petrophysics.

Geostart (UK) Ltd was established in 1991 and is registered in the UK and Norway



Commonly called upon to provided expertise during drilling campaigns. We become involved from early planning, through drilling, post well reporting and well data management. Our expertise in data acquisition, planning, contracts, monitoring, well data quality control and evaluation guarantees you the expertise required during these critical investment projects, be your interests as an operator or co venturer.

Skills and experience has been gained over many years working around the world on numerous play types. Commonly called upon to bolster exploration efforts, new ventures, farm ins, and new office start ups., we have also been involved in North Sea decommissioning studies.


Well Planning at the Core Store

Well Planning at the Core Store

Following the “Great Crew Change”, 2015-2018,  and the subsequent Covid 19 induced recession of 2020 a lot of very experienced professionals retired from the business. We can help your young professionals develop skills in Petrophysics, Pore Pressure Evaluation and Operations Geology through our mentoring program.  The consultant works alongside the new / recent hires to develop their skills sufficiently to produce reliable results for the project being worked. This process adds significant value to the project at the same time a developing the skills of the trainee. The consultant can also add value to project Peer Reviews.

Field Trips



A field trip of the Antrim Coast, Northern Ireland has been put together over the past couple of years to look at the petroleum geology of the Rathlin and adjoining basins. This is a great analogue for Atlantic margin exploration in a part of the world with an outstanding geological heritage.

Links and Downloads

We have made number of useful tools and articles available for download. These can be found on different pages and sub pages on this website.

We have included a number of links to other websites that customers, colleagues, and students should find of value.

Our Facebook page is regularly updated with lots of interesting articles on geology and oil field activity from around the world



Ray Pratt MSc FGS  (Director)

Petrophysics, Pore Pressure Evaluation, Operations Geology

  1. 35 years worldwide experience in the oil industry.
  2. 10 years wellsite experience on and offshore,
  3. Worked for both service and oil companies.
  4. Held several senior technical lead roles in petrophysics.
  5. High expertise in Petrophysics, data acquisition, data management, well operations, well planning, pore pressure evaluation and modelling.
  6. Good soft skills – effective  team building & mentoring.
  7. Extensive experience evaluating Norway and WOS wells.